Hôtel Murtel
Coteau de Beauregard
Boulevard Fréjus Michon
38350 La Mure

Tél +33(0)4 76 30 96 10
Fax +33(0)4 76 30 91 38

Hotel Restaurant - Le Murtel


VueOur hotel is ideally situated on the N85, the Route Napoleon, 40km and 70km from Grenoble to Gap.

It is the ideal place for a relaxing stop on the road vacation.

La Mure, located in the heart of the plateau Matheysin will be the starting point to many popular tourist sites.

Matheysine openly is a multitude of rivers, lakes, natural or artificial.

It gives you well being, relaxation or excitement in its turbulent waters.

Matheysine is also beautiful mountains, forests and pastures. Lovers of nature, it offers the pleasure of unusual encounters with wildlife and local flora.




Matheysine also contains a wealth of fascinating information on its human, cultural and economic.

Steeped in mining coal in the nineteenth and twentieth century, she invites you to beautiful trips in the footsteps of miners' Museum Underground Mine Image.