Hôtel Murtel
Coteau de Beauregard
Boulevard Fréjus Michon
38350 La Mure

Tél +33(0)4 76 30 96 10
Fax +33(0)4 76 30 91 38

Loisirs & Détente

If you feel the urge to discover the time of an hour or after noon, our region we can offer several walks starting the hotel.

Loisir et détente au Murtel

Gorges Drac
You will discover the magnificent scenery of the gorges of the Drac, site known and recognized for its natural beauty. You can contemplate any During your walk through a sequence of points of view and in this shortly.

The railway from La Mure.
The best line of the Alps, mountain tourist line of the spectacular and most prestigious. The train from La Mure awaits with its 30 km journey of 560 m in altitude dotted viaducts and tunnels.

The Ecrins National Park
This national park is the largest in France and the tallest in Europe. It is the flagship of the conservation of fauna and flora. You can get there by the village of Valbonne and Entraigues to 20 minutes of La Mure. And for the most sporting of you, we can tell you of What you leave memories.

Bungee Jumping at Bridge Ponsonnas

Rafting, canyoning, hydro speed on Drac.


Hiking in the mountains